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Home Klorofil Magic Pumpkin

  • Klorofil Magic Pumpkin
  • Klorofil Magic Pumpkin
Klorofil Magic Pumpkin

The famous Pumpkin with a new twist for the modern Klorofil family! Just press the pumpkin and a whole world opens up for children to invent endless stories. This practical pumpkin closes instantly to store characters and accessories and its handle makes it easy to carry. Klorofil, a family that lives deep inside the pumpkin where lots of stories are invented! With Gaston the Daddy, Blanche the Mummy, Vanille the little girl, Arthur the little boy and Grison the horse. New decor: A sitting room opening onto a large terrace with awning, a bedroom for the parents, a bedroom for the children, a stable with feeding through for Grison the horse, a large garden with a hiding place shaped like a flower and even a little hut on the pumpkin's roof.... Perfect for making up stories and reproducing scenes from everyday life.

1 - A lift to go up and down inside the pumpkin. Simply turn the flower on the roof to activate.
2 - A ladder for the people to climb up.
3 - A walkway around the first floor.
4 - A slide that leads straight down to the garden.
5 - A swing.
6 - A roundabout for three people.
7 - A hiding place shaped like a flower.
8 - A little hut on the roof.Includes 2 beds, 4 armchairs and a table to place the characters in situation. When everything needs to be tidied away, the pumpkin closes instantly and its handle makes it easy to carry.

Suitable for 3 years +

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Price: AED563.00
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