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  • Herbal Bath Salts
  • Herbal Bath Salts
  • Herbal Bath Salts
Herbal Bath Salts

Lavender 600g

This bath salts are the bigger products that are placed in the gift sets it is from the BOHEMIA NATUR range - Made with Love and Care in Czech Republic

Line of natural cosmetics hand manufactured according to traditional formulation. The products content herbal or citrus extracts or minerals. Attractive design, top-quality ingredients and pleasant fragrances help to total relaxation of your body.

Lavender with a traditional relaxing fragrance of lavender and a with AHA acids in fruits extract.  Contains fruit extract from Citrus Limonum with AHA acids, vitamins A, B, C and many other beneficial-to-health substances, protecting the skin against excessive drying and sensitivity, maintaining the skin soft and smooth.


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